1. What is meant by State Horticulture Mission/ MIDH?
The main objective of State Horticulture Mission is to provide holistic growth in horticulture through research, technology, promotion, extension, post harvest management, processing and marketing.
2. What are the districts where the SHM schemes are implemented in Telangana State?
State Horticulture Mission is implemented in all districts except Hyderabad.


3. What are the activities of state horticulture mission and how are the farmers benefited by this scheme?
The main activity of SHM is to give assistance to the Horticulture farmers in different components and to support them financially. The details are given in the operational guidelines.


4. What is the subsidy pattern?
The subsidy ranges from 25% to 100% of the total cost based on the components. For some components like Nurseries, Post Harvest Management, establishment of bio control labs, leaf analysis lab ,tissue culture labs, credit linked back ended subsidy is given.


5. What is meant by credit linked back ended subsidy?
The beneficiary should avail a loan from a nationalized bank. After completion of Project and inspection by the officers the subsidy portion will be released to the bank.


6. Where can a farmer get the information about State Horticulture Mission schemes? 
The farmer can visit office of District Horticulture & Sericulture officer of his district to get the complete information on SHM schemes. Or else he can contact the horticulture officer of his Mandal for information.


7. What is the procedure to avail assistance under State Horticulture Mission.?
Farmer can get the application form from DH & SO office of his district for the respective component. The filled in application forms along with required documents can be submitted in the DH & SO office or given to Horticulture Officer of   the respective Mandal. 


8. What are the crops covered under the scheme?
Assistance is given for Fruit crops like Mango, Sweet orange, Sapota, Pomegranate,, Guava, Acid lime,   Plantation crops like Cashew, Cocoa, and Flower crops like Chrysanthemum,  Crossandra, Tube rose.


9. What is the assistance pattern for the establishing nurseries?
A. Assistance is given to establish model nursery and small nursery as 100% for public sector   and 50%  for private sector.


10. How to avail assistance under nurseries component?
A. The beneficiary has to submit a project report of the nursery to the District officer from there it is forwarded to Head Office for the approval at State Level Executive Committee. After the approval  construction will be commenced. Then inspection is done and then subsidy is released to the bank.
11. How to prepare a project report?
A. The details are given in the implementation guidelines.


12. Is there a buy - back arrangement for the saplings produced in the nursery?
State Horticulture Mission does not provide buy-back arrangement for the saplings. But guidance will be given for effective marketing of the produce.


13. What is the role of NGO’s in organic farming ?
A. Organic farming is implemented as cluster based approach of minimum 50 ha per cluster by the NGO’S. Guidance is given to the farmers in the methods of farming.  


14. Where should the vermicompost units constructed ?
A. Vermicompost units must be constructed in orchards owned by the beneficiary and where sufficient land and irrigation sources are available duly owned by the beneficiary.
The area of the pit should be 600cft.


15. How can be assistance availed under PHM ?
A. Assistance is given as credit linked back ended subsidy for the item under Post Harvest Management. First project report must be submitted. After the approval, construction will be commenced. After successful completion of the project inspection will be done by the concerned officials. After approval of the inspection report subsidy will be released.         


16. What are the trainings conducted to the farmers?
Trainings are conducted to the farmers at District Level as well as State Level on crop specific Technologies.

Exposure visits are conducted to other States for creating awareness on latest technologies.

17.How does a farmer get aware about the Programmes  of State Horticulture Mission Schemes ? A. To create awareness on different schemes of SHM shows/ workshops are conducted.  Pamphlets, Brochures, Leaflets containing information of SHM schemes are distributed to the farmers time to time.